About Me

Hello, random website visitor. You have accidentally stumbled upon something that’s probably not much related to your interests.

But since you’re here anyway, let me introduce myself. I am a person living, at the time of writing this text, on a planet called Earth. It’s a wonderful little planet and it’s most dominant species has just recently developed a thing called the Internet. You may have heard of it. And I just happen to be fascinated by that. You can share ideas with a person you will probably never meet in your lifetime across the entire planet in mere seconds! Isn’t that kind of amazing? And one of the ways of sharing your ideas like this is creating something we Earthlings like to call a ‘blog’. You’re reading one. However, I’m pretty bad at this blogging thing and the intention of this blog is to remind me (or you, but most likely you don’t want that) how bad I am.


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